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At the end of the first round of the Iranian presidential election, the strategy of openness to foreign investment is stalling. The reason: the threat of US sanctions for banks that would finance projects related to the interests of the Revolutionary Guards, an elite army of the regime. As a result, only small projects could be concluded with foreign investors.

The mega port project at Bandar Abbas was too important for a stranger to take position. Tide Water, a structure related to the Guardians of the Revolution, was the only one to compete. More modest, the market of a container port in Bandar Imam Khomeyni has received offers from Bolloré, ICTS and Hutchinson.

If they do not hesitate to prospect for trading partners, French companies remain cautious. Unlike their German counterparts. They concretize many projects because of the support of the Sparkassen (absent from the American market).

International business lawyer Georges Sioufi, a partner at SRDB, has opened an office in Tehran. He believes that for French companies, the salvation would be to find partners in China. In other words, where banks are not blocked by the American threat.

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La Lettre de l’Expansion

Companies Iran

Companies Iran

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