Specialized in international business law such as in project finance in France, Middle East and North Africa, SRDB Law Firm is expanding its international presence by launching an office in Tehran, Iran.

8 lawyers on site – including French member from SRDB Law Firm – are now composing SRDB Law Firm (Iran), enabling it to advise, assist and to secure all commercial and financial operations and transactions of companies in Iran.

Dr. Mir Shahbiz Shafee is heading SRDB Law Firm (Iran). Member of Tehran Bar (Iran Bar Association) since 2000, he is holding a PhD in international law. He is advising major international groups in energy, mining, oil and automotive industries. He is also teaching business law at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. His academic activity provides him a strong legal expertise putting into practice through his professional experience.

Rich of 6000 years civilization, with more 80 million population, whose half is less than 30 years old, a total land area about three times France and an estimated GDP of 394 billion dollars (2015 World Bank data), Iran is becoming a key player in Middle East, but also on the worldwide economic place, especially as its territory contains the second world reserve of natural gas and the fourth of oil.

Bordering Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, its area of influence is concerning about 400 million people.

The progressive lifting of sanctions against Iran and its decisions in favor of foreign investors are a real opportunity for companies wishing to invest in this region, especially in transport, infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas fields.

With the opening of an office in Tehran and specialized teams in Middle East, SRDB Law Firm is offering a legal support and keys to understand the market to companies, which are willing to invest in Iran.

Contacts SRDB Law Firm (Iran)

  • In Tehran
    • SRDB Law Firm (Iran): Jam Tower – Bidar Alley – Fayyazi Street (Fereshteh) – Valiasr Avenue – Tehran – Iran
    • Dr Mir Shahbiz SHAFEE | E-mail: mirshahbiz.shafee@srdb-lawfirm.com | Mobile: +98.912.393.99.32

About SRDB Law Firm

Having international expertise and specialized teams in Paris, Marseille, Beirut, Tehran, Damascus, Algiers and through its vast network of local experts speaking French, English, German, Arab, Persian and Turkish, SRDB Law Firm is providing legal support to companies in France, Middle East and North Africa and beyond. SRDB Law Firm is specializing in Business Law, with extensive expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, in Corporate Law, in Contracts Law, in Maritime Law, in Commercial Litigation and Arbitration.

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SRDB Tehran : 5, Bidar Alley, Fereshteh Avenue, Téhéran, Iran – + 98 21 22 666 124 –  contact@srdb-lawfirm.com

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